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The International Space Development Conference is a conference run by the National Space Society located across the United States at a rotating location each year. The conference has run continuously since around 1982. ISDC provides a opportunity for industry, government, scientists, advocates, and the public to discuss the latest issues in Space.


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Name/Year Location
ISDC 2012 Washington, DC
ISDC 2011 Huntsville, Al
ISDC 2010 Chicago, Il
ISDC 2009 Orlando, Fl
ISDC 2008 Washington D.C.
ISDC 2007 Addison, TX
ISDC 2006 Los Angeles, CA
ISDC 2005 Washington, D.C.
ISDC 2004 Oklahoma City, Ok
ISDC 2003 San Jose, CA
ISDC 2002 Denver, CO
ISDC 2001 Albuquerque, NM
ISDC 2000 Tucson, AZ
ISDC 1999 Houston, TX
ISDC 1998 Milwaukee, WI
ISDC 1997 Orlando, Fl
ISDC 1996 New York, NY
ISDC 1995 Cleveland, OH
ISDC 1994 Toronto, ON, Canada
ISDC 1993 Huntsville, Al
ISDC 1992 Washington, D.C.
ISDC 1991 San Antonio, TX
ISDC 1990 Anaheim, CA
ISDC 1989 Chicago, Il
ISDC 1988 Denver, CO
ISDC 1987 Pittsburgh, PA
ISDC 1986 Seattle, WA
ISDC 1985 Washington, DC
ISDC 1984 San Francisco, CA
ISDC 1983 Houston, TX
ISDC 1982 Los Angeles, CA

The next ISDC will take place May 18-22, 2011 at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

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