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Marv Vander Weg, SpaceX's Vice President in charge of the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Customer Office (VP-EELV-CO for short), is continuing a substantial history working at the interface between rocket builders and their government customers. He originally worked on Lockheed Martin's Atlas program as the Director of the Atlas Government Program Office, then moved to United Launch Alliance when they took over production of the Atlas V, becoming their Vice President for the Customer Program Office (see a pattern?). Although Vander Weg started at SpaceX in 2009, after they had already won the initial NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Program contract, it's now his job to keep the customer happy. With years of experience working with that same customer on similar projects, he has a good chance of success, although he now has to sell them on letting his company take over Mission Control operations for the rockets they build.

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