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Masten Space Systems is company developing Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTVL) initially for the sub-orbital launch market. Masten is based in Mojave, California at Mojave Spaceport. Masten was founded by Dave Masten in 2004.

In addition to development work on their Suborbital live of vehicles, Masten is an aerospace R&D shop, providing work in consulting and R&D work for rocket propulsion design and analysis. Futhermore, Masten sells off-the-shelf aerospace flight and ground hardware, such as spark torch igniters, liquid rocket engines, and integrated engine modules.

In 2009, Masten Space Systems competed in the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, eventually winning the level two of the competition on October 30th, 2009 with their "Xoie" rocket vehicle.


Dave Masten - CEO

Michael Mealling - VP of Business Development & CFO

Colin Ake - Business Development/Sales

George Davailus - GN&C Engineer

Reuben Garcia - Engineering Technologist & Crew Chief

Alex Hreiz - Propulsion Engineer

Ken Brown - Aerospace Technician

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