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Paragon Space Development Corporation, based in Tucson, Arizona, was founded by two crewmembers inside Biosphere 2 during its first two-year experimental run. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was the first company to launch a miniature "biosphere" experiment into orbit, demonstrating that various creatures (not including humans!) can reproduce and maintain a functional ecosystem while stuck inside a small glass jar in zero gravity for several months. They also develop non-biological systems for keeping humans alive in space (as well as underwater), some of which will be integrated into SpaceX's Dragon crew module.

Paragon has also been working with NASA on spacesuits and other systems for the Orion program, work they will probably continue even though Orion is getting reconfigured from a lunar exploration vehicle to a mere escape pod for the International Space Station. Luckily, a Paragon project may still make it to the Moon thanks to a partnership with Odyssey Moon, a company that hopes to win the Google Lunar X PRIZE and take a Paragon mini-biosphere along for the ride.

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