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Robert Reagan, Vice President of Manufacturing, is one of the more mysterious figures at SpaceX. No photos of him are available online, though an article in Fast Company describes him as "ponytailed [and] gravel-voiced." Reagan's bio on the SpaceX People page only says that prior to starting work there, he helped found and run a manufacturing firm called Certified Fabricators, Inc, which played a role in building the Space Shuttle's external tank, as well as some ISS components. SpaceX claims that "Certified is acknowledged to be one of the leading outsourced manufacturing companies in North America," but if so, that information isn't available elsewhere on the Internet. (This may be because the company no longer exists as an independent entity, having been acquired by Precision Partners, Inc.)

Dianne Molina, the SpaceX Marketing Manager, describes Reagan as "a real character [who] started bringing in the great machinists that we have, the great welders that we have, fundamentally turning the aerospace industry’s usual modus of operating—of outsourcing a lot of the machining and manufacturing—and bringing that in house." This is apparently a shift from how Certified worked, but then, you can't go to work for a company like SpaceX and expect anything to be done in a conventional way.

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