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The Rocket Racing League is a proposed racing circuit that would use rocket powered aircraft in a flying air circuit. The league was founded in 2005 by George Whitelaw and Peter Diamandis. The goal was to have four teams with a league final in 2006, and 10 teams in 2007, in combination with video games that could simulate the competition. While initially there was significant challenges with financing, the league has announced that they will hold a World Exhibition Tour, which will lead up to the launch of the races in 2012.

The concept behind the vehicles is that it is a powered glider with the capacity to use rockets for a limited time throughout a race. The race course will be displayed in a Heads up display (HUD) manner, and racers staggered to prevent crashes. The vehicles are currently being manufactured by Velocity Inc, while the propulsion systems are being produced by Armadillo Aerospace, in the form of a 2,500 lbf Liquid Oxygen and Ethanol Rocket Engine.

There is a game available for iPad and iPhone based on the concept. In HD!


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