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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, or SEDS for students who will be late to their next class if they waste time saying the full title, is an international student organization whose purpose is to promote space exploration and development through educational and engineering projects done at the students' respective schools or universities. (If this were a term paper, that run-on sentence would probably get us docked a point or two.) SEDS was originally established on September 17, 1980 primarily by founders Peter Diamandis, Robert D. Richards, and Todd B. Hawley. The first SEDS meeting was held on Thursday, October 30, 1980. After some initial meetings in 1980, SEDS president Peter Diamandis wrote a letter to the editor of Omni magazine deploring the status of the space program and asking students to help make a difference. The letter, published in Omni in early 1981, attracted students from around the world to the SEDS organization. This laid the foundations for the first SEDS international conference, held at George Washington University between July 15–19, 1982 (the modern incarnation of which is called SpaceVision). As the three founders of SEDS moved on after completing their various degrees, they proceeded to create other notable organizations in the space community that SEDS members routinely flock to after leaving SEDS, among them, the Space Generation Foundation and the International Space University.

SEDS members are people interested in doing as much as they can to promote space exploration and development. The first step in this continual process is learning. SEDS provides an environment in which members can obtain access to many sources of information including speakers, tours, films, discussion groups & daily NASA updates. Astronomical observing trips and tours of local space facilities also play a significant role in the lives and university careers of many SEDS members.

SEDS members often take the knowledge they have gained and use it to influence the future of the space program. Students at several chapters have played major roles in organizing large conferences and yearly events and have established important contacts with members of the space community. Others have helped increase public awareness of the benefits of space exploration by offering presentations to local primary and secondary schools as well as universities. All chapters keep in contact with each other via the internet and meet often through instant messaging chats and Skype telephone conversations.


SEDS Organizational Structure

SEDS is broken up by Country, Region, and Chapter. There are currently a large contingent of SEDS chapters within the United States of America, which are governed regionally and nationally by SEDS-USA. There are also other national sections of SEDS across the world and these disparate groups of students communicate and organize together via SEDS-Earth, the global governing body of SEDS. At this time SEDS-Earth is not heavily structured but it is the hope of many SEDS students that a few leaders will soon begin work to bring SEDS back together into a more cohesive global organization.

Students wishing to be part of SEDS or join a local chapter should check out the SEDS website at

SEDS-USA Executive Board

The SEDS-USA executive board is elected by the SEDS-USA council of chapters to handle management and other public duties for the SEDS-USA organization as a whole. It's range of responsibilities is set by the SEDS-USA constitution and the SEDS-USA bylaws.

Chairman Rick Hanton
Vice-Chairman Sara Meschberger
Director of Chapter Affairs Dan Pastuf
Director of Finance Christopher Ogden
Director of Chapter Expansion Hallie Gengl
Director of Publications David Holewka
Director of Public Relations Zachary Liquorman
Director of Educational Outreach Dina Cavicchia
Director of National Projects David DeBoth
Director of High School Affairs Anna Ho
Webmaster Joshua Sosa
Secretary Mike Lotto

SEDS-India Executive Committee

President Sabyasachi Bhowmick
Vice President Vaibhav Tiwari
Secretary CH Kalyan Chandra
Joint Secretary (Events and Projects) Sejal Chauhan
Joint Secretary (Public Relations & Outreach) Aditya Beghel
Treasurer Ruchy Dubey


Name School Country Website
Caltech SEDS California Institute of Technology United States here
Iowa State Space Society Iowa State University United States here
MIT-SEDS Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States here
Texas A&M SEDS Texas A&M University United States here
UASEDS University of Arizona United States here
SEDS-UCF University of Central Florida United States here
CUSEDS University of Colorado at Boulder United States here
Purdue SEDS Purdue University United States here
FIT-SEDS Florida Institute of Technology United States here
GW Space Society George Washington University United States here
UB-SEDS University at Buffalo United States here
Illinois Space Society UIUC United States here
BU SEDS Boston University United States
ERFSEDS Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University United States here
Olin SEDS Olin University United States
UVA SEDS University of Virginia United States
UCLA SEDS University of California - Los Angeles United States
Princeton SEDS Princeton University United States here
OU SEDS University of Oklahoma United States
SEDS @ UM University of Michigan United States here
SLU-SEDS St. Louis University United States here
U of K SEDS University of Kentucky United States
ASU SEDS Arizona State University United States
DSS SEDS University of North Dakota United States here
Memphis SEDS University of Memphis United States
UW SEDS University of Wisconsin - Madison United States here
CSM Space Society Colorado School of Mines United States
RPI SEDS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute United States
Nigeria SEDS Unknown Nigeria
Spain SEDS Unknown Spain
Austria SEDS Unknown Austria
Germany SEDS Unknown Germany
Belgium SEDS Unknown Belgium
Southampton SEDS University of Southampton United Kingdom
King College SEDS King College United Kingdom
St Andrews SEDS University of St Andrews United Kingdom
Leichester SEDS Leichester United Kingdom
Manchester SEDS Manchester United Kingdom
Kingston SEDS Kingston United Kingdom
Durham SEDS University of Durham United Kingdom
Edinburgh SEDS University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
Norway SEDS Unknown Norway
Turkey SEDS Unknown Turkey
Israel SEDS Unknown Israel
Kuwait SEDS Unknown Kuwait
Afghanistan SEDS Unknown Afghanistan
Nepal SEDS Unknown Nepal
Philippines SEDS De la Salle University Philippines
Singapore SEDS Unknown Singapore
Trichy SEDS National Insitute Of Technology - Trichy India
Kumaraguru SEDS Kumaraguru College Of Technology India
Surathkal SEDS National Insitute Of Technology - Surathkal India
Hyderabad SEDS Jawahar Lal Nehru Technical University India

Relationship with SpaceWiki

SpaceWiki ran a contest for SEDS members and alumni from December 1, 2010, through February 1, 2011, allowing participants to win money for their SEDS chapters. Another such contest is now in the early planning stages.

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