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If you want to go back to school in a space-related field, the International Space University may be your best bet--but if you want the next best thing, you can go to SEDS's annual SpaceVision conference, billed as "the largest fully student-run space conference" in the United States (and sponsored in part by ISU).

SpaceVision began life as just the SEDS International Conference in 1982, then refocused as SEDS-USA in 1992 (while the UK branch started its own national conference in 1989). After a five-year gap in the U.S. from 1999 to 2003, things got even more confusing when SEDS held both national conferences in 2004, with the American one renamed to SpaceVision, and then held the international one as well in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Three conferences a year may have turned out to be a bit much for students juggling full courseloads; since 2008, SpaceVision seems to be the only one still running.

SpaceVision 2010 is the second event ever to feature the SpaceWiki sign-up/free-caricature table.


Name Dates Location Hosting Chapter
SpaceVision 2011 Oct. 27-30 Boulder, CO CUSEDS
SpaceVision 2010 Nov. 5-7 Urbana Champaign, Il Illinois Space Society
SpaceVision 2009 Nov. 12-15 Tuscon, AZ UASEDS
SpaceVision 2008 Nov. 14-16 College Station, TX Texas A&M SEDS
SpaceVision 2007 Nov. Cambridge, MA MIT-SEDS
SpaceVision 2006 Orlando, Fl SEDS-UCF
SpaceVision 2005 Urbana Champaign, Il Illinois Space Society
SpaceVision 2004 Nov. 11-14 Cambridge, MA MIT-SEDS
1997 SEDS-USA National Conference
1996 SEDS-USA National Conference
1995 SEDS-USA National Conference
1994 Arizona Roundtable
1993 SEDS-USA National Conference
1992 SEDS-USA National Conference
1991 SEDS-USA International Conference Aug. 10-14 Albuquerque, NM
1990 SEDS-USA International Conference Aug. 23-27 Cocoa Beach, Fl
1989 SEDS-USA International Conference ~Aug. 25 Pasadena, CA Caltech SEDS
1988 SEDS-USA International Conference
1987 SEDS-USA International Conference
1986 SEDS-USA International Conference
1985 SEDS-USA International Conference
1984 SEDS-USA International Conference Tuscon, AZ UASEDS
1983 SEDS-USA International Conference July 14-17 Washington, DC GW Space Society
1982 SEDS Founder's Conference July 15-19 Washington, DC GW Space Society

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