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Hopefully people could list their present goals here?

1. My first goal is copying all the existing pertinent Wikipedia pages over to here for further editing by this community.

Maybe start with just the summaries above the tables of contents on those pages? That would be easier to work with than whole articles. - Ben Sibelman

Create project pages for Events, Websites, Companies, People

Upgrade mediawiki to 1.16.0, I really want linked images! (this will have to be Brandon)

Fix the SpaceWiki:Copyrights to be GFDL and CC By-Sa.

Comments: You can spend a lot of time maintaining page copies from Wikipedia or watch them go stale relative to them. I would encourage you to point to the Wikipedia pages instead and support a 'delta' page here. On the local page people can keep stuff that wouldn't be appropriate for Wikipedia like strong opinions, commercial references and so on.

You might want to consider the same trick for the space websites list too. Other organizations have such pages and it gets tricky after awhile to keep them up to date. Any other page that goes stale when it's supporter vanishes would be a good candidate for copying here and taking over the function.

I offer these comments because some of us have tried in the past to keep up good company, site, and blog lists. They rapidly go stale or suffer from fuzzy definitions. What exactly is a space web site? 8) Federated lists would be something we haven't tried, though. Alfred Differ

1. We need to introduce categorization to the Wiki, as it simplifies structure a lot more easily and makes it much simpler to do jumps between categorically related structure (ie, "I want to see more NewSpace companies, I should click [[Category: NewSpace]] at the bottom of the page!"
2. We need to introduce some templates, particularly, a type of Template:Infobox_Person that works with SpaceWiki. I could adapt one over, but it'd take some time, thoughts?
3. Is there any issues if we convert the Main Page into a legitimate index with category listings and such? I like the gallery-type set up as it is, but it's not really the best organizational system for a Wiki I think, though that may be just my personal taste.
Comments, concerns, suggestions? Anyone got some templates they're willing to ad?
--David DeBoth 02:25, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

I'm all for categorization, but I'd like to keep the style of the Main Page where there are lots of examples of our caricatures and cartoons. That said, it would be nice if the People section was more compact and maybe alphabetized. Also, it's far from complete; if Brandon could modify our new-user script to update People (using our existing template), that would help a lot, though I doubt the script could manage the alphabetizing part.

--BenSibelman 05:32, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

Ok, I've added pages for GLXP, X PRIZE Foundation, and the Ansari X PRIZE, and I've made a number of general categories that I've started lumping stuff into. It seems that while there isn't a person infobox, there is a general infobox which worked fine enough on the X PRIZE, GLXP, and AXP pages. No caricatures for those, so I just used their logos.

I'll probably focus next on making the Diamandis article more unique, then on developing pages for the NSS and SFF.

--David DeBoth 21:21, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

... as a note Ben, the Ansari, GLXP, and X PRIZE pages are all stuff I typed up. Some of it is pretty formal and some information is from the wiki pages, but that's pretty much all me. I actually typed a lot of that up like a year and a half ago for something unrelated and it went unused.

--David DeBoth 18:33, 11 December 2010 (UTC)

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