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Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen may have helped fund Burt Rutan's famous SpaceShipOne rocket plane, but Microsoft itself is supporting a rather different method of getting into space by hosting the annual Space Elevator Conference on its main campus in Redmond, Washington. Participants discuss the technical and other challenges facing the project to string an ultra-strong ribbon tens of thousands of miles from Earth's surface to a counterweight above geosynchronous orbit, and methods of traversing the elevator with vehicles probably powered by laser energy beamed from the surface. The most commonly used metaphor to describe how the ribbon stays up, where you whirl a rock on a string around your head to represent Earth's rotation, makes the whole thing sound just a little too simple.

Vital stats

  • First held in 2002 (ref)
  • Location: Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, Washington
  • Next event: August 12-14, 2011

2011 Attendees

Folks who signed up for space wiki at the 2011 conference in Redmond Washington.

Abdu Arbach-UserCaricature.jpg
Abdu Arbach
Alejandro Lamothe-UserCaricature.jpg
Alejandro Lamothe
Amy Baker-UserCaricature.jpg
Amy Baker
Brian Lundquist-UserCaricature.jpg
Brian Lundquist
David Horn-UserCaricature.jpg
David Horn
Garland Brinkley-UserCaricature.jpg
Garland Brinkley
Hironori A. FUJII-UserCaricature.jpg
Hironori A. FUJII
John Lee-UserCaricature.jpg
John Lee
Josh Halfon-UserCaricature.jpg
Josh Halfon
Keith Lofstrom-UserCaricature.jpg
Keith Lofstrom
Marshall Eubanks-UserCaricature.jpg
Marshall Eubanks
Masaru Takashi-UserCaricature.jpg
Masaru Takashi
Paul Roubekas-UserCaricature.jpg
Paul Roubekas
Peggy Alonso-UserCaricature.jpg
Peggy Alonso
Peter Frankenfield-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Frankenfield
Peter Swan-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Swan
Peter Ness-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Ness
Ruth Richter-UserCaricature.jpg
Ruth Richter
Skip Penny-UserCaricature.jpg
Skip Penny
Takahiro Yamada-UserCaricature.jpg
Takahiro Yamada
Troy Barnes-UserCaricature.jpg
Troy Barnes
Yukikazu Sakaguchi-UserCaricature.jpg
Yukikazu Sakaguchi
Yuuki Yano-UserCaricature.jpg
Yuuki Yano
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