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The more-or-less-annual Space Manufacturing conference was established by space-colony research pioneer Gerard O'Neill way back in 1974, as the Princeton Conference on Space Colonization. At the time, he and others believed we would definitely have a few giant spinning spheres in orbit, with tree-lined suburban developments inside, by the year 2010. But the fact that there is basically still no such thing as space manufacturing has not led the conference's organizers, the Space Studies Institute, to give up hope. Or maybe they did, given that there hasn't been a conference since 2001, but they got it back somehow and are running the conference again this year.

Vital stats

  • First held in 1974
  • Location: Historically, has generally been held at Princeton University
  • Next event: Space Manufacturing 14, on October 30, 2010 at the NASA Ames Conference Center, Mountain View, CA
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