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Current Affiliation: Space Frontier Foundation - Advocate (since the late 90's)
Current Location: Oxnard, California
Making a living as: Software Engineer for a US Navy Contractor

Previous Affliations:
General Orbital - Co-Founder (2005-2009)
JP Aerospace - Volunteer and minor partner (1995-2005)

I'm in a writing mood at the moment. I'm between projects and have a bit of idle time to contemplate what I do next. The NewSpace2010 conference helped wake up an essay project I started a year ago, so I'll try to get that finished. It keeps growing though, and that's where I get bogged down as a writer. If I keep adding material to the outline I never finish. I've proven that in the past with a physics/math book I started and got past 60 pages of material before I wore out. This time I want to cut things into stand-alone essays and get them posted knowing full well I intend to write sequels and prequels that might not get produced without co-writers.

So, I'm thinking of using this location for a series called Humanity At The Edge Of Space.

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