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Dan Pastuf
Dan Pastuf-UserPortrait.jpg.
Location Buffalo,NY, USA

My name is Dan Pastuf. I am currently (as of Dec. 2010) a student at the University at Buffalo, studing Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. My design interests include controls and micro-controller development, as well as propulsion development.

I have been active in Students for the Exploration and Development of Space sense 2007, and was elected President of the Buffalo chapter at the end of my Freshman year. I remained President until Spring 2010, where I stepped down to pursue other tasks. I was elected Engineering Club Coordinator for 2010-2011.

I am currently the Director of Chapter Affairs for SEDS-USA, elected at SpaceVision 2010.

Affiliations: SEDS-USA, UB-SEDS, AIAA, NSS, Buffalo Astronautical Association
Location: Buffalo USA

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