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The field of space-related industries and agencies is vast and complex, so that newcomers who want to get involved in space-related fields may find it difficult to know where to begin. And even old hands who've been to all the conferences for the past twenty years, and think they know everyone who is anyone, might find they could use a little refresher now and then.

SpaceWiki's goal is to solve this problem by organizing some basic information on all the major players in the NewSpace Movement, and some of the "old guard" as well. (Which group you fall into, as with the two-year-old Venezuelan national space agency, may be open to some debate.)

It doesn't need to be just basics, of course, if the folks in question feel like logging on and posting whatever quirky personal anecdotes they may feel like sharing with the world. That's the beauty of wiki, after all--this website is a grassroots resource that anyone can contribute to. And if there's one attribute pretty much all space enthusiasts share, other than the obvious, it's a love of making things--whether rocket engines or spacesuit gloves or zero-G experiment modules or just a really neat logo for the next mission. SpaceWiki is an easy way for the space community to come together and make something that will benefit us all.

SpaceWiki is sponsored in part by the NewSpace 2010 and SpaceVision 2010 conferences, the first two events to host our sign-up table, where all new members got free caricatures of themselves for their SpaceWiki user pages.



ArmadilloMod Cartoon.jpg
Armadillo Aerospace
BigelowFabricSpacecraft Cartoon.png
Bigelow Aerospace
Goddard Cartoon.png
Blue Origin
X-37B Cartoon.jpg
Boeing Company
Firestar Technologies
JP Aerospace
LiftPort Group
Masten Space Systems
Orbital Outfitters
PegasusRocket Cartoon.jpg
Orbital Sciences Corporation
ParagonLunarGreenhouse cartoon.jpg
Paragon Space Development Corporation
WhiteKnightTwo Cartoon.png
Scaled Composites
DreamChaser Cartoon.jpg
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Falcon9 Cartoon.png
United Launch Alliance
UP Aerospace
SpaceShipTwo Cartoon.png
Virgin Galactic
XcorLynx Cartoon.jpg
XCOR Aerospace
X PRIZE Foundation
A4H logo black triangle 600px.png
Astronauts for Hire
World View Enterprises


SEDS Logo Cartoon.png
MarsSociety Logo.jpeg
Mars Society
SpaceFrontierFoundationLogo Cartoon.png
Space Frontier Foundation
National Space Society Logo Cartoon.png
National Space Society
YurisNight Logo.png
Yuri's Night
AIAA Logo.png
Aas logo.jpeg


Aaron Kemmer-UserCaricature.jpg
Aaron Kemmer
Aaron Valentine-UserCaricature.jpg
Aaron Valentine
Abdu Arbach-UserCaricature.jpg
Abdu Arbach
Ajoy S Fernandes-UserCaricature.jpg
Ajoy S Fernandes
Akshita Kakarlapudi-UserCaricature.jpg
Akshita Kakarlapudi
Alan M. Ladwig-UserCaricature.jpg
Alan M. Ladwig
Alejandro Lamothe-UserCaricature.jpg
Alejandro Lamothe
Alessandro Biglioli-UserCaricature.jpg
Alessandro Biglioli
Alex Ghosh-UserCaricature.jpg
Alex Ghosh
Alexander van Dijk-UserCaricature.jpg
Alexander van Dijk
Alfred Differ-UserCaricature.jpg
Alfred Differ
Alvin Remmers-UserCaricature.jpg
Alvin Remmers
Alyssa Voightmann-UserCaricature.jpg
Alyssa Voightmann
Amanda Ritzman-UserCaricature.jpg
Amanda Ritzman
Amy Baker-UserCaricature.jpg
Amy Baker
Amy Paul-UserCaricature.jpg
Amy Paul
Andrew Dianetti -UserCaricature.jpg
Andrew Dianetti
Andrew Smith-UserCaricature.jpg
Andrew Smith
Anna Ho-UserCaricature.jpg
Anna Ho
Ansel Collins-UserCaricature.jpg
Ansel Collins
Anthony Simon-UserCaricature.jpg
Anthony Simon
Austin Nicholas-UserCaricature.jpg
Austin Nicholas
Ben Corbin-UserCaricature.jpg
Ben Corbin
Ben Sena-UserCaricature.jpg
Ben Sena
Ben Sibelman-UserCaricature.jpg
Ben Sibelman
Bill White-UserCaricature.jpg
Bill White
Bindu Jagannatha-UserCaricature.jpg
Bindu Jagannatha
Blaze Sanders-UserCaricature.jpg
Blaze Sanders
Bob Werb-UserCaricature.jpg
Bob Werb
Brad R. Blair-UserCaricature.jpg
Brad R. Blair
Brandon Boyce-UserCaricature.jpg
Brandon Boyce
Brandon CS Sanders-UserCaricature.jpg
Brandon CS Sanders
Brian Jennings-UserCaricature.jpg
Brian Jennings
Brian Lundquist-UserCaricature.jpg
Brian Lundquist
Brian Williams-UserCaricature.jpg
Brian Williams
Brian Young-UserCaricature.jpg
Brian Young
Brice Russ-UserCaricature.jpg
Brice Russ
Brook Mantia Cat Herder-UserCaricature.jpg
Brook Mantia Cat Herder
Bruce Pittman-UserCaricature.jpg
Bruce Pittman
Caitlin Ann Mantych-UserCaricature.jpg
Caitlin Ann Mantych
Caitlin Nolby-UserCaricature.jpg
Caitlin Nolby
Cameron Crowell-UserCaricature.jpg
Cameron Crowell
Carly Tessmann-UserCaricature.jpg
Carly Tessmann
Chris Habib-UserCaricature.jpg
Chris Habib
Christian Valledor-UserCaricature.jpg
Christian Valledor
Christopher Barnes-UserCaricature.jpg
Christopher Barnes
Christopher Ogden-UserCaricature.jpg
Christopher Ogden
Claire C. Walker-UserCaricature.jpg
Claire C. Walker
Clark Lindsey-UserCaricature.jpg
Clark Lindsey
Colin Ho-UserCaricature.jpg
Colin Ho
Connor Brew-UserCaricature.jpg
Connor Brew
Coralie Jackman-UserCaricature.jpg
Coralie Jackman
Curt Boirum-UserCaricature.jpg
Curt Boirum
Curtis Iwata-UserCaricature.jpg
Curtis Iwata
Dallas Bienhoff-UserCaricature.jpg
Dallas Bienhoff
Dan Chuchawat-UserCaricature.jpg
Dan Chuchawat
Dan Kolenz-UserCaricature.jpg
Dan Kolenz
Dan Pastuf-UserCaricature.jpg
Dan Pastuf
Darrell Cain-UserCaricature.jpg
Darrell Cain
Dave Brody-UserCaricature.jpg
Dave Brody
David Danielson-UserCaricature.jpg
David Danielson
David DeBoth
David dunlop-UserCaricature.jpg
David dunlop
David Fox-UserCaricature.jpg
David Fox
David Horn-UserCaricature.jpg
David Horn
David Slaby-UserCaricature.jpg
David Slaby
David Sulitzer-UserCaricature.jpg
David Sulitzer
David Valentine-UserCaricature.jpg
David Valentine
Debi-Lee Wilkinson-UserCaricature.jpg
Debi-Lee Wilkinson
Denny Danielson-UserCaricature.jpg
Denny Danielson
Dina Cavicchia-UserCaricature.jpg
Dina Cavicchia
Dolly singh-UserCaricature.jpg
Dolly singh
Donald Durm-UserCaricature.jpg
Donald Durm
Donovan Lui-UserCaricature.jpg
Donovan Lui
Dougal Maclise-UserCaricature.jpg
Dougal Maclise
Douglas Messier-UserCaricature.jpg
Douglas Messier
Drew Klinedinst-UserCaricature.jpg
Drew Klinedinst
Ellen Farber-UserCaricature.jpg
Ellen Farber
Emiliano Kargieman-UserCaricature.jpg
Emiliano Kargieman
Eric McClellan-UserCaricature.jpg
Eric McClellan
Eric Peters-UserCaricature.jpg
Eric Peters
Erin medlicott-UserCaricature.jpg
Erin medlicott
Eva-Jane Lark-UserCaricature.jpg
Eva-Jane Lark
Ferris Valyn-UserCaricature.jpg
Ferris Valyn
Francine Gordon-UserCaricature.jpg
Francine Gordon
Fred Becker-UserCaricature.jpg
Fred Becker
Fred Bourgeois-UserCaricature.jpg
Fred Bourgeois
Garland Brinkley-UserCaricature.jpg
Garland Brinkley
Gary Barnhard-UserCaricature.jpg
Gary Barnhard
Gary Marx-UserCaricature.jpg
Gary Marx
Gary Oleson-UserCaricature.jpg
Gary Oleson
Gillian Smith-UserCaricature.jpg
Gillian Smith
Grant Atkinson-UserCaricature.jpg
Grant Atkinson
Gregory Doidge-UserCaricature.jpg
Gregory Doidge
Hallie Gengl-UserCaricature.jpg
Hallie Gengl
Harvey Elliott-UserCaricature.jpg
Harvey Elliott
Heather McKay-UserCaricature.jpg
Heather McKay
Hironori A. FUJII-UserCaricature.jpg
Hironori A. FUJII
Howard Eller-UserCaricature.jpg
Howard Eller
Isaac Han-UserCaricature.jpg
Isaac Han
Iulia Strambeanu-UserCaricature.jpg
Iulia Strambeanu
Jaclyn Hislop-UserCaricature.jpg
Jaclyn Hislop
James Mason-UserCaricature.jpg
James Mason
James Pioneer
James Sloan-UserCaricature.jpg
James Sloan
Jan Jungclaus-UserCaricature.jpg
Jan Jungclaus
Jane Gensler-UserCaricature.jpg
Jane Gensler
Jason Dunn-UserCaricature.jpg
Jason Dunn
Jason Goerlich-UserCaricature.jpg
Jason Goerlich
Jason Hewkin-UserCaricature.jpg
Jason Hewkin
Jenissa Garcia-UserCaricature.jpg
Jenissa Garcia
Jennifer Saito-UserCaricature.jpg
Jennifer Saito
Jessica Schultz-UserCaricature.jpg
Jessica Schultz
Jillian Leonhardt-UserCaricature.jpg
Jillian Leonhardt
Jim Crowell-UserCaricature.jpg
Jim Crowell
Jim Spellman-UserCaricature.jpg
Jim Spellman
Joel Stein-UserCaricature.jpg
Joel Stein
John Lee-UserCaricature.jpg
John Lee
Johnathon Stark-UserCaricature.jpg
Johnathon Stark
Jonathan Card-UserCaricature.jpg
Jonathan Card
Joni (Silver) De Guzman-UserCaricature.jpg
Joni (Silver) De Guzman
Jorge Duran
Josh Halfon-UserCaricature.jpg
Josh Halfon
Joshua Bernstein-UserCaricature.jpg
Joshua Bernstein
Julia Laystrom-Woodard-UserCaricature.jpg
Julia Laystrom-Woodard
Julian Sy-UserCaricature.jpg
Julian Sy
Kasey Tillema-UserCaricature.jpg
Kasey Tillema
Keith Lofstrom-UserCaricature.jpg
Keith Lofstrom
Kelsey White-UserCaricature.jpg
Kelsey White
Kevin Bonanne-UserCaricature.jpg
Kevin Bonanne
Kevin Hargrave-UserCaricature.jpg
Kevin Hargrave
Kristoffer Scott-UserCaricature.jpg
Kristoffer Scott
Kyle Schember-UserCaricature.jpg
Kyle Schember
Larry D. Thompson-UserCaricature.jpg
Larry D. Thompson
Lars Osborne-UserCaricature.jpg
Lars Osborne
Laura Chen-UserCaricature.jpg
Laura Chen
Laura Richardson-UserCaricature.jpg
Laura Richardson
Laurie Wiggins-UserCaricature.jpg
Laurie Wiggins
Lee Valentine-UserCaricature.jpg
Lee Valentine
Linda Kenny Sloan-UserCaricature.jpg
Linda Kenny Sloan
M. Brian Barnett-UserCaricature.jpg
M. Brian Barnett
Marimikel Charrier-UserCaricature.jpg
Marimikel Charrier
Marshall Eubanks-UserCaricature.jpg
Marshall Eubanks
Masaru Takashi-UserCaricature.jpg
Masaru Takashi
Matthew Duchek-UserCaricature.jpg
Matthew Duchek
Matthew Hardin-UserCaricature.jpg
Matthew Hardin
Matthew Kleiman-UserCaricature.jpg
Matthew Kleiman
Megan Seals-UserCaricature.jpg
Megan Seals
Michael J. Laine-UserCaricature.jpg
Michael J. Laine
Michael Joyce-UserCaricature.jpg
Michael Joyce
Michael Zwach-UserCaricature.jpg
Michael Zwach
Michelle Burroughs-UserCaricature.jpg
Michelle Burroughs
Mike Zawitkowski-UserCaricature.jpg
Mike Zawitkowski
My-Linh Truong-UserCaricature.jpg
My-Linh Truong
Nathan Dostart-UserCaricature.jpg
Nathan Dostart
Nathan Mogk-UserCaricature.jpg
Nathan Mogk
Neal Makela-UserCaricature.jpg
Neal Makela
Neel Patel-UserCaricature.jpg
Neel Patel
Orian Breaux-UserCaricature.jpg
Orian Breaux
Paul Roubekas-UserCaricature.jpg
Paul Roubekas
Paulius Braslauskas-UserCaricature.jpg
Paulius Braslauskas
Peggy Alonso-UserCaricature.jpg
Peggy Alonso
Peter Frankenfield-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Frankenfield
Peter Knudtson-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Knudtson
Peter Ness-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Ness
Peter Swan-UserCaricature.jpg
Peter Swan
Petter kleppan-UserCaricature.jpg
Petter kleppan
Phillip Michel-UserCaricature.jpg
Phillip Michel
Poh Kye Pee-UserCaricature.jpg
Poh Kye Pee
Pye Pye Zaw-UserCaricature.jpg
Pye Pye Zaw
Raycho Raychev-UserCaricature.jpg
Raycho Raychev
Rex Ridenoure-UserCaricature.jpg
Rex Ridenoure
Richard Mains-UserCaricature.jpg
Richard Mains
Rick Hanton-UserCaricature.jpg
Rick Hanton
Rob Mueller-UserCaricature.jpg
Rob Mueller
Rob Rucker-UserCaricature.jpg
Rob Rucker
Robert Bostic-UserCaricature.jpg
Robert Bostic
Robert Jacosbon-UserCaricature.jpg
Robert Jacosbon
Robert Ponsonby-UserCaricature.jpg
Robert Ponsonby
Robin Snelson-UserCaricature.jpg
Robin Snelson
Ron Clark-UserCaricature.jpg
Ron Clark
Rusty Rogers-UserCaricature.jpg
Rusty Rogers
Ruth Richter-UserCaricature.jpg
Ruth Richter
Ryan McLinko-UserCaricature.jpg
Ryan McLinko
Ryan Rhoads
Ryan Smoot-UserCaricature.jpg
Ryan Smoot
Ryan Stuit-UserCaricature.jpg
Ryan Stuit
Salman Iqbal-UserCaricature.jpg
Salman Iqbal
Samantha McCue-UserCaricature.jpg
Samantha McCue
Samuel Coniglio-UserCaricature.jpg
Samuel Coniglio
Sara Meschberger-UserCaricature.jpg
Sara Meschberger
Sarah Barrett-UserCaricature.jpg
Sarah Barrett
Scott MacLaren-UserCaricature.jpg
Scott MacLaren
Scott Tuttle-UserCaricature.jpg
Scott Tuttle
Skip Penny-UserCaricature.jpg
Skip Penny
Stephen Williams-UserCaricature.jpg
Stephen Williams
Steve Massey-UserCaricature.jpg
Steve Massey
Steven Brody-UserCaricature.jpg
Steven Brody
Steven D. Howe-UserCaricature.jpg
Steven D. Howe
Steven Millard-UserCaricature.jpg
Steven Millard
Susette Espana-UserCaricature.jpg
Susette Espana
Takahiro Yamada-UserCaricature.jpg
Takahiro Yamada
Thidarat (June) Chongvisal-UserCaricature.jpg
Thidarat (June) Chongvisal
Tom Coughlin-UserCaricature.jpg
Tom Coughlin
Tomas Rousek-UserCaricature.jpg
Tomas Rousek
Troy Barnes-UserCaricature.jpg
Troy Barnes
Ty Morton-UserCaricature.jpg
Ty Morton
Tyler Cushing-UserCaricature.jpg
Tyler Cushing
Tyler Maddox-UserCaricature.jpg
Tyler Maddox
Viktoria Shikova-UserCaricature.jpg
Viktoria Shikova
Walter Foxworth-UserCaricature.jpg
Walter Foxworth
William J. Watson-UserCaricature.jpg
William J. Watson
William M. Boland-UserCaricature.jpg
William M. Boland
Yuki D. Takahashi-UserCaricature.jpg
Yuki D. Takahashi
Yukikazu Sakaguchi-UserCaricature.jpg
Yukikazu Sakaguchi
Yuuki Yano-UserCaricature.jpg
Yuuki Yano
Zachary Pace-UserCaricature.jpg
Zachary Pace
Zilin "Elizabeth" Tang-Caricature.jpg
Zilin "Elizabeth" Tang


See SpaceWiki Events for the events where SpaceWiki itself has been an exhibitor.

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